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Smoothing and Polishing Feeding and Ejecting Look and Feel Misc

Smoothing it all out.....

My general principal is.. if it rubs.. then polish the hell out of it... That being said, it's a lot easier to polish the parts if you have the right tools. For Polishing I used a Dremel tool with white rouge, as well as a stand up wheel polisher (self built). The Idea is to put a mirror polish on any parts that rub to reduce the friction, as well as to make cleanup, and wipe down a lot easier


Mag Well
Remove the grips, and the magazine well from the frame. Using a dremel, polish the bottom of the mag well until you get a nice mirror finish. You also want to polish the front and back face of the inside of the grip where the magazine rubs.
Feed Ramp
Most feed ramps have a have decent polish on them, but I find the 10 minutes with a dremel, and you get a way better shine, and flatter surface. It's way easier to clean it as well! Just use the bullet shaped felt tip you get with the Dremels.
Front of the Barrel

I got tired of scrubbing the residue off the front of the barrel, so 10 mins on the wheel polisher, and presto.. no more elbow grease required! residue wipes right off

Slide Rails
It's hard to get all sides, but the guides cut into the rail can be polished up to give a nice smooth action.
Firing Pin (EGW)

The EGW firing pin comes with a pretty good finish, but again, 5 mins on the wheel, and it's now a mirror finish.!!

             Old Tanfoglio Firing Pin                   New EGW Firing Pin

Trigger Bar

This one is pretty obvious if you've put enough rounds through your gun. you can see the wear marks start on the side and bottom of the trigger bar. I polished the bottom, top and sides of the trigger bar to get smoother movement.

Trigger Bar Guide
The Trigger bar guide, came with a pretty good polish, but after looking at how much contact and rubbing was happening with every pull of the trigger. I decided to give it some special attention, and get the mirror polish on the trigger bar guide, as well as the channel it fits into on the trigger bar. Make sure you also polish up the cylinder portion as well, as it rubs the frame, where it fits into it.
Recoil Spring Rod

After about 6000 rounds I noticed a few wear marks on the recoil spring rod, and decided to give it a polish, you can see the before and after pictures.

Locking Lugs

One of the first signs of wear, is on the locking lugs. Again, the Dremel was calling!

you can see the wear marks
before polishing