Limited Custom FAQ Common Problems & Fixes Gun Smithing

Common Problems.. Or not so Common Problems

Rear sights come loose

       Use red loctite, the blue stuff just doesn't cut it. If you need to remove the
       sight after, just put the allen key in the locking screw, and heat it gently with
       a lighter. The red loctite, will melt and loosen up.

Magazine drops out

       The Mags need to be adjusted, See the Gunsmithing page..

Trigger is not resetting

       The pretravel screw is to far in, let it out a bit.

Failure to Feed problems

       The Mags need to be adjusted, See the Gunsmithing page..

Magazines split apart.

      Damn Canadian Government!!. The old style of mags had the laser cuts a
      bit to close to the dimples, and if you dropped the mags on a hard surface,
      then would split apart. The new style mags, are not cut so deep. You can
      weld them back together, or see if you can get your hands on the new style

Magazines stick, and do not drop out.

       The Mags need to be adjusted, See the Gunsmithing page..

Slide does not come off, when the slide release is removed.

      Solution. Elbow Grease.. or a sledge hammer.. it's a common thing.

Fires out of battery when slide is open less then 1/4 inch.

      Due to the design, this is supposed to happen, if it happens when the slide
      is MORE then a 1/4 inch, then you need to get it looked at

Fires out of battery when slide is open more then 1/4 inch.

       WARNING.. This is the first indication of a problem with the sear, and can
      quickly lead to Hammer Follow, and going full auto. Get this looked at
      ASAP. The cause is most likely the sear, and it needs to be redressed, or
      replaced. Here are a few pics of my sear when this started to happen (Note
      the line which was cut in the sear by the hammer hook.) The sear was
      replaced by an EGW sear (fully hardened). I've also heard that the new
      sears from the factory are now hardened better, and this should not be
      a problem


Hammer follow when slide is released.

      STOP!.. get the gun to a gunsmith ASAP, and get the sear/hammer hook
      looked at.

Firing Pin starts to get hammered (Ha Ha Ha)

       After a while, you will notice that the striking surface of the firing pin, starts to
       peen back, and get rounded. The hardening on the firing pin, is too soft.
      An EGW firing pin (second picture) is a good alternative.


Frame Hits the Magazine follower when last round is loaded.

       See the Gunsmithing section for the solution to this one..

Magazine reloads are slow..

       You know what they say.. It's not the Car, it's the Driver..
      Take the Eric Grauffel Course, and I guarantee it will speed up your
      reloads, as well as the rest of your IPSC game!