Limited Custom FAQ Common Problems & Fixes Gun Smithing

Smoothing and Polishing Feeding and Ejecting Look and Feel Misc

Feeding the pig.....

The number one problem you will probably experience with the LImited custom, are rounds which tend to feed into the top of the chamber or slide. This can be easily fixed, and once it's running smooth, the L.C. just loves to go through that ammo..


Feed Ramp
Most feed ramps have a have decent polish on them, but I find the 10 minutes with a Dremel, and you get a way better shine, and flatter surface. It's way easier to clean as well! Just use the bullet shaped felt tip you get with the Dremels.

Slide gets caught on follower
If your magazines are not tuned properly, the magazine follower will travel to far, and it will get hit by the bottom of the slide. (See first pic).
This can be fixed two ways. The first way to to adjust the spring tension on the follower and remove the extra bend that is added by the factory. The second thing is that the bottom edge of the slide needs to be filed to put a very small bevel on it

you can see the slide taking a gouge out of the follower

Get rid of the Bend and add a slight bevel

Tuning the Magazines
The biggest problem, and the majority of problems you will find are magazine related. I found that out of the box, all 10 of the mags I had needed to be tuned.

Know Thy Enemy!!

Here is a picture of the new and old magazine styles. While the new style seems to be more prone to the lips spreading, the follower, and spring still needs to be tuned.

Here is a list of want needs to be done to keep the magazines functioning smoothly.

   1. Adjust the feed angle/lip spread
       After a while you will find the lips will start apart, and rounds will feed
       high, and into the top of the chamber, or the slide. I have found the
      optimal distance between the two lips to be 0.380 - 0.385 inches.

You can see in the picture below, the difference between a 0.385 and 0.395

   2. Magazines Fall Out
       You need to gently bend out the upper lip of the hole which is engaged by the magazine release.