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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I change the front sight.

A. You will need a block of material which is stiff enough to knock the front sigh out, but soft enough to not damage the sight. I used a block of micarta to knock the front sight out. also you will need a vise to hold the slide while you put the new sight back in. make sure you also have something to hold the the front sight aligned while you tap it back in.. it's easy to bend the sight if you don't line it up properly.

Q. What size replacement fiber optic do I need for a the front sight.

A. The front sight use a 0.06 fiber optic.

How do I get my CR Speed holster to fit the L.C.?

A. the problem is that the trigger retention bar, does not have the right lengths to match the Tanfoglio Frame and trigger. You need to take the "D" marked trigger bar and then drop it down towards the barrel end, about 1/4 of an inch.
The best way to do this is to extend the channel the bar sits in, about 1/4 lower using a knife/chisel Once that is done, you need to drill a second hole so that the existing screw has a place to secure the bar into the holster. CAREFUL.. this is a tricky procedure, and I had to play with mine a lot to get it to work properly

How do I get the CR mag holsters to hold the Tanfoglio Magazines?

A. The shims that come with the CR mag holsters are either to thin or to wide for the Tanfoglio magainzes. Go to Home Depot, and pickup some regular 3/8 inch washers, and use those as a shim

What OAL is good for IPSC reloads

A. I use a 1.19 OAL length for my loads. See the IPSC Reloading Data section, for more details.

How often do I have to replace the front FO Sight

A. I find that I have to replace the Front FO about every 1000 to 1500 rounds. the front "tip" breaks off. I've tried looser fitting rods (cut 1/32 inches longer) as well as tighter rod (no wiggle room) and it does not seem to make a difference. I also find I have to clean the rod every 300 - 400 round, as it' gets pretty coated with residue.

Factory Rounds VS Reloads

A. I decided to chrony some recent rounds, and I wanted to check the chrony with some Winchester White Box 180's. Lets just say that there is a very noticeable difference between the WWB and my IPSC Major reloads. The WWB's has a lot more recoil, for a comparable FPS

What should I have in my spare parts kit?

A. Over the last 6 months, I've gone through a few minor parts which would typically need replacing over time. they are...


  • Magazine base screws - worked itself loose and lost it.
  • Front F.O. - replace every 1000 rounds
  • Sear Spring - replaced when I had a trigger job done
  • Slide Stop - Just in case, Seen it break on someone else's CZ
  • Extractor
  • Extractor Pin
  • Extractor Spring
  • Trigger Pin
  • Trigger Spring - These can go flying, if you don't watch it taking the trigger out

Tips for removing/replacing the trigger/trigger bar

A. Thanks to Rob Elliot and Alex Szacks for this tip. When trying to put back in the trigger, the trigger spring can be a bitch to get aligned with tension. Solution. Take a small piece of plastic tubing. The same kind you use on the wd40, and you attach to the nozzle to direct the spray. Cut a piece which is the same width as the trigger. (approx 1/4 inch). Before you put the trigger in the frame, use the red plastic tube to hold the spring in the trigger. The plastic tube should just hold it in place without sticking out on either side. Now put the trigger in the frame. Violla.. nice and easy.

Slide is locking back on last round in mag

A. If you take out the bend in the last 1" of the Mag Spring, it will not force the follower to be to high in the mag.