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IPSC Match Scorer

The Match Scorer software is a Windows Mobile based IPSC score collection application that works with WinMSS to collect stage scores in the field. The software requries the WinMSS software to score the stages, and present the final results.

Please Note: This is a Limited Beta release for testing, you must backup your WinMSS database before you this this. I will not be held responsbible if your WinMSS DB gets corrupt. Also, there are are some feature which are not fully working yet. This is a limited testing release.

Current Version for Testing: V1.2

Match Scorer provides the following features:

    • Windows Mobile based interface

    • Support SDIO and Wifi synchronization with the WinMSS PC

    • File Encryption

    • Real time stage rankings for collected scores


Q. I get a ToDateTime exception or other exception when starting the PDA App

A. If you get an expcetion when starting the Match Scorer - PDA, make sure you have the .Net 2.0 CF installed. You can download it here. .Net 2.0 CF

Q. How long wll the beta test progam work for.

A. The beta program will expire on March 1st. There will be an RC1, and/or full release availalbe after the beta test is over.

Q. What about printing, is that feature available?

A. Yes it will be available. Due to the use of a 3rd party SDK for printing, there are software costs associated with that SDK. only the final version will support printing, and you will have to purchase the SDK license for printing. (price will vary depending on which 3rd party SDK is used)


Release Notes:

V1.0 (First Release)



   - fixed bug when loading a match where the MD/RM where blank in MSS

   - fixed bug in verify a stage with Poppers but no plates (Causes application to crash)

   - Added the ability to put a stage time in (and save), but not score the whole stage (Eg shooting 2 competitors in two side-by-side stages, where you record two times, then score both

   - Added ability to have multiple stage times (strings)

   - Fixed a bug where the results could be loaded back into MSS, but the match results would be empty in MSS.


  - Fixed the bug with the CAB dll and the temp directory it was using.

  - Added the printer driver (not fully working yet)

  - Added the RO's signature as well

  - Fixed a bug where it was not saving the RO's signature

  - Replaced the CAB library with a more stable one