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Fast Grip!
If you haven't noticed the Fast Grip product which Eric sells on his site, then you are missing out. I got introduced to Fast Grip at the Eric Grauffel course, and since then I've been using it all the time. Fast Grip is a liquid that you use on your hands, and it gives you are better grip on the pistol. It's tacky, without feeling sticky on your hands, and it dries completely. BTW: it also works wonders on the bottom of your sneakers, for ranges with a slipper floor surface! (I won't mention the Barrie club. ;) .)
 If you've ever been tired of the smell of Hoppe's or Break Free, then you will love SilkShot. SilkShot is an 100% all natural, NON SMELLING gun cleaner and conditioner. Silkshot leaves microscopic polymer coating which helps to enhance lubrication, and makes cleaning up a lot easier. The more you use over time, the easier it is to wipe away the grime.